Laundry Tips for Better Washing

April 16, 2015

These days, everyone is looking for good laundry tips that will make wash day easier.

Our busy lifestyles require a quick and easy solution to all household chores and laundry is no exception.

Gone are the days of heating tubs of water and scrubbing each individual clothing item on a washboard with lye soap.

Today, our fancy newfangled machines now do most of the work for us, but there are still the problems we face with getting stains out of our clothing and keeping our machines in good working order.

We could learn a lot from following the laundry tips of our grandparents, and save a lot of money too. Keep reading for some great old-fashioned household tips for laundry day.

  • If you want to prevent clothes from fading, you need to set the dye before you wash them for the first time. To do this just fill a large bucket or laundry tub with cold water, add 1 cup of vinegar, let soak overnight, then launder as usual.
  • Here's a tip on loading the washer. Turn the washer on on your desired setting and add your detergent and other products to the tub. Let it fill with a little water so that the laundry products have a chance to dissolve, then add your clothes.
  • Please don't overload the washing machine. If you have too many clothes in there, the detergent and water can't circulate very well and your clothes will not get as clean as they should. It will also shorten the lifespan of your washer, not to mention the fact that you will have more wrinkles, and the spin cycle will be less effective.
  • Choose the shortest and gentlest cycle and coolest temperature possible to get the job done. Even warm water will fade your clothes, so never wash in hotter water than what the label on your clothes calls for.
  • Give your washing machine a good cleaning every couple of months or so to remove mineral deposits and soap scum. Just fill the machine with hot water and add 3 cups of vinegar and 1/2 cup of baking soda. Run the complete cycle through and wipe down the tub, then run another full cycle using only cold water. Hint: you can use 2 cups of lemon juice in place of the 3 cups of vinegar if you wish to.

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