CFHLA Mentorship Program - Ivey Lane Elementary School

June 22, 2015

The Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association is committed to advancing tourism and the community through hospitality. As a VIP Allied Member, SpinOut Guest Laundries had the opportunity to have a member of our team become a mentor to one of Central Florida's young people at Ivey lane Elementary School.

The mentorship program provides positive influences to young people in the community who come from a variety of different backgrounds, religions and situations, who may just need someone to open up to or just lend an ear.

A member of our team, Eddie, was able to spend time with a young person at Ivey Lane Elementary School for their second semester after the holiday break.

"When I first began to visit with the young person at Ivey Lane, they were of course hesitant to open up to a complete stranger." said Eddie. "After our first few visits, I began to see a different side and they were eager to open up about their life, issues they may be experiencing or just about their day and lives."

After several visits, Amy (the mentorship program director) communicated to us that they had seen an improvement in the behavior of the student Eddie was interacting with, and they looked forward to their visits each week. They expressed how much they appreciated the time we took to spend at their school and how they knew it was making a positive influence on not just one child, but many children at the school.

"When Amy let me know the improvement they were making after we began to visit, it really took me back. I didn't know really what to expect when we started," Eddie continued. "I was very happy any time I could spend with them was making a positive difference. I really enjoyed spending time with the young people at Ivey Lane and look forward to the upcoming school year, although they probably aren't, to see how they are progressing."

The CFHLA is of course geared towards the hospitality and tourism industry here in Central Florida. However, the number of programs they have a reach in is great. From their annual Bacchus Bash celebration to the mentorship program, it was an honor to be a part of something like this at Ivey Lane Elementary School this year. Continuing to be a part of this program is something we look forward to in the future, hoping to continue to make a difference with more of Central Florida's youth.

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